We Can't Be With Our Loved Ones At All Times, But FOOTPRINTID® Can!

FootprintID® helps you keep all of your medical records in one place, quickly access your health information when needed and share your records with emergency responders, physicians, family members and friends. It’s like having a health record in your pocket!

Everyone Leaves Footprints

It is never too early to start having your medical information and health history with you.

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Just In Case

No matter what our lifestyle, no matter where we are, we should never be without the information that can save our life or the lives of our loved ones.

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Worry-free Steps

FootprintID® gives you the peace of mind knowing your information is not only safe and secure, but available to you when you need it.

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Register for a new account

Becoming a member is easy and quick. Once you complete the registration process, you are ready to begin taking control of your medical history and information.

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Enter your medical information

Sign into your secure FootprintID member portal and begin entering or updating your medical information. Our easy to use forms are grouped together to make it simple to manage all your information and history. Most importantly, all of your data is kept safe and secure.

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Accessing Your Information

As soon as you finish entering or updating your medical history, it is available immediately. Should you need to pull up a recent blood test, or verify what medication you are taking, simply open the FootprintID app on your iPhone or Android device and have access to all your information.

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Imagine not losing one critical moment due to a lack of vital health information. FootprintID gives paramedics and emergency physicians access to your family’s health records when they are needed most.

Download the iPhone or Android App today.


Quick, easy and secure access helps first responders treat you in an emergency and manages your own healthcare and that of your loved ones.

Use Your Words, Tell Your Story

Timing is everything, but you can't be everywhere at once. Prevent medical mishaps related to administering the wrong type of medication or neglecting to communicate medical history. With FootprintID® you can update and maintain medical information ranging from allergies and medications to chronic illness care records and lab reports, as well as images such as EKGs and CT scans.

View Medical History

Are you struggling to recall which antibiotic you're allergic to? With FootprintID® you can view your medical history using our easy to navigate menu: Physicians and Therapist, Emergency contacts, Medical insurance, surgeries and treatments, immunizations, family history. And, if you want to call a physician, simply select the telephone number directly from the screen.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you are on the go, at home or offline, you can review your critical medical information, even without an Internet connection. Any time a family member makes an update or a change, it's instantly available.

Customized access

With FootprintID® your family members medical information is available right on your phone. You can also choose who can have access to your medical information.

Safe and Secure

Securely share your medical history with family, friends, or loved ones. FootprintID® uses state of the art encryption to ensure that your information always stays safe and secure.