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The FootprintID® team has the ideal combination of disciplines and passions to create this vital program. It's what's possible when a renowned Doctor, innovative Tech Guy and active Mom join forces.

Our Team

Jason Hubert


As one of the founders of FootprintID®, it's CEO and Chief Technology Officer has been a driving force since its inception. His stellar technical background is matched only by his parental passion for it. As a father, he cares deeply about accurate, secure and timely access to health and medical information. As a technologist, he understands our members' need for safe, easy to use tools to manage their information.


Beth Tofel


Between raising her own children and helping to enhance the lives of children in the community, FootprintID®'s President and Co-Founder has been on the frontlines when it comes to knowing what parents need and want to increase their peace of mind. She has spent the last 15 years in leadership positions for organizations that focus on the needs and safety of all children.