How It Works

Membership for the first year is $40 for the first member and $30 for each additional member. Sign up for membership in four easy steps.

  1. Register for a new Account
  2. Enter your medical information and health history including:
    • Emergency contacts
    • Medical conditions
    • Allergies & Medications
    • Blood Type
  3. Request additional health information such as chronic illness care records and lab reports, as well as all images such as EKG’s and CT scans from your medical providers, if needed (optional letters are provided in your welcome kit). Once entered, this information can be readily accessed via your mobile app.
  4. Download the FootprintID® Smartphone App.

Your portal can maintain unlimited information ranging from allergies and medication. Members will receive a membership card for each member, as well as a multi function bag tag. Both of these identify the membership number and emergency code for first responders to immediately access your health history.

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Signing up takes only minutes, and one account can contain memberships to manage the health records of as many of your loved ones as you would like.