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We can't be with our CHILDRENat all times, but FootprintID® can.

Our children participate in all kinds of activities--from attending after school activities and play dates to summer camps and study abroad programs. The list goes on. In emergencies, FootprintID® can provide the critical information needed or that important missing piece of health information needed to coordinate medical history, prevent duplicate testing and enhance patient safety.

Does your child suffer from a chronic illness?

FootprintID® makes the task of managing a chronic illness a little bit easier and less stressful. Doctor's records, test results, digital images and other information are readily available for you to share across health care professionals treating the same child or individual.

We also can't be with our parents at all times.

Our parents see more doctors and have more daily accidents than any other age group.

Challenging health issues often come with age. Falls are the leading cause of at home injury amongst seniors and 25% of the elderly visit the emergency room at least once a year. Four out five older adults suffer from a chronic condition and seniors make up 65% of the admitted hospital population.

FootprintID® helps reduce the number of tests that have to be repeated, as well as reduces the pressure on them to remember pertinent information, such as prescriptions. And it helps share medical information across health providers that are all treating that one person.

Knowing our parents have FootprintID® helps their healthcare experience less stressful.

I had quadruple bypass surgery. And my wife and I are both managing diabetes. FootprintID® gives us access to all of our medical information at any time. During an emergency, we both have access to our records in an instant.
Kenneth and Marilyn P.

FootprintID® helps protect them, as you would yourself, especially when you cannot be there.

Did you know YOU also leave footprints?

Whether we are managing our careers or taking care of our households or loved ones, we’re always on the go. We often forget about managing our own health care needs. Whatever the case is, we can’t stop unpleasant medical emergencies and healthcare needs from occurring in our lives, our CHILDREN'S lives, or our PARENTS' lives. But, we can give ourselves peace of mind that we are all protected as best as possible when unforeseen things occur.

One account can contain multiple memberships to manage the health records of as many of your loved ones as you would like.

With FootprintID® you’re always in step with your health.

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