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In emergencies, patients don't remember details of their current conditions and medical history. And nobody walks around with test results and x-rays. FootprintID® gives emergency responders all of that information on site. It's simple: the more information a first responder has regarding a patients health history, the better care they can receive in an emergency situation.

Dr. Mark A. Merlin

Your medical information should be part of what you carry with you everyday - like your keys, credit card, cash and drivers license.

Have you ever needed to provide a physician or emergency responder with a summary of medications or allergies for yourself or child?

Do you suffer with a chronic medical condition or simply need to keep track the history of your allergies, medications, immunizations, and procedures?

Are your immediate family members, caretakers and/or friends aware of your food allergies or treatment needed to treat medical conditions?

FootprintID® helps you share medical information across health providers communicate better with your doctor, and reduce the number of duplicate or unnecessary tests.

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